Emily’s Hope is developing a prevention education curriculum for students K-12. Our curriculum is designed to teach children the effects of substances on the brain, body, and life in order to promote healthy choices. Our lessons address the science, social, and health aspects of substance use, dealing with difficult emotions, and the entire family’s wellness. Our team of medical, education, and addiction specialists are committed to providing tools for schools to reduce the number of overdose deaths in the United States.

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UPDATE: The Emily’s Hope Education Committee has developed our first pilot program, which is being tested in nine classrooms with third and fourth graders this 2022/2023 school year. We plan to launch our K-5 curriculum and make it available to as many schools as possible in the 2023/2024 academic year. 

We are creating an evidence-based prevention curriculum to teach children about their brains and how to protect them, including staying away from substances that a doctor does not prescribe them.

Our committee comprises engaged teachers, school administrators, college professors, and even the only South Dakota physician to be triple board certified in adult psychiatry, child/adolescent psychiatry, and addiction medicine.

Our engaging and relevant curriculum includes lesson plans, activities, a song, animated series, and accompanying children’s books for each grade level. 

We are thrilled to announce that the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation has come alongside us to help with our prevention education initiative. We were granted $15,000 a year over a two-year period from SFACF to work on our programming for grades K-5. These funds will enable us to create rich educational materials that teach children how the brain works, how to keep it healthy, the effect of substances on the brain, and the dangers of illegal or non-prescribed drugs.

We want to thank the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation for supporting our innovative idea and making it possible to implement it and save as many lives as possible.

Emily’s Hope Prevention Education Committee