Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

From stardom to heartbreak: TikTok star’s fentanyl poisoning death

Cooper Noriega seemed to be living the dream. At just 19 years old, the social media influencer had amassed millions of followers on TikTok and hundreds of thousands more on other social platforms. Not stopping there, he ventured into modeling and had ambitious plans to launch a clothing line focusing on mental health awareness. However, beneath the surface of his stardom, Cooper faced his battles with mental health and substance abuse. In fact, just days before his deadly drug overdose, the star launched a safe space for his fans to discuss mental health openly.

In this episode of Grieving Out Loud, you’ll discover how his parents are carrying forward that critical mission in Cooper’s name through Coop’s Advice. His dad, Harold Noriega, also shares insights into what might have contributed to their son’s challenges and has a heartfelt message for other parents. 

We hope this conversation enlightens you and provides valuable insights into one of the most pressing issues affecting today’s youth: fentanyl.