How can I get help through Emily’s Hope?

Emily’s Hope provides treatment scholarships through the Avera Addiction Care Center and the Adolescent Addiction Care Center in Sioux Falls, SD. If you are seeking treatment, please contact the Avera Addiction Care Center directly at 605-504-2222. We do not provide financial assistance to individuals directly. We also are developing substance use disorder prevention curriculum, starting at the elementary school level. Our funds are also being used in the creation of this curriculum, for training, and for materials.

What can I do if my loved one refuses to get help for addiction?

This is a very difficult situation and there are no easy answers. Each case must be dealt with on an individual basis. However, there is help available. Please check out our “Resources for Families” page on our website.

How is my donation used for Emily’s Hope?

Your donation goes directly to treatment scholarships for both adults and adolescents and to support our Emily’s Hope drug and alcohol prevention program for students. 100 percent of your donation goes directly to education, treatment, and recovery.

How can I request Angela Kennecke as a speaker for my event?

Please email your request to angela@emilyshope.foundation, or fill out this form. Make sure to include specifics, such as the reason for the event, time, and location. Angela will get back to you as soon as possible.