About Emily’s Hope

Our Mission

Emily’s Hope is a legacy charity in the name of a prolific painter whose life was cut short. We are raising awareness of the opioid epidemic, stopping the stigma of addiction, and helping to offset the cost of treatment. With your help, we can offer hope and recovery to more people struggling with addiction. Removing financial barriers is one of the first steps toward restoration, not only of the person suffering from substance use disorder, but also their entire family.

How Emily’s Hope Started

Emily’s family was devastated that they were not able to get her help in time. In the face of her grief, Angela Kennecke vowed that she would do anything she could, in Emily’s name, to prevent other families from going through such a loss. A new treatment center was being built in their community. Angela inquired about starting a fund to help offset the cost of treatment for substance use disorder. After the fund was established, Angela went public with Emily’s story. People throughout the country have rallied behind our mission and have been essential to its growth. A tribute to Emily and her art is now a reminder for everyone who enters the Avera Addiction Care Center that Emily lives on through the efforts of Emily’s Hope.

Special thanks to Ben Bettenhausen, Hugh Broder, and Vincas Sruoginis for this beautiful video

Emily’s paintbrush and palette, along with her story, are on display at the Avera Addiction Care Center

Emily’s Hope: A Personal Story Of Loss In The Opioid Epidemic

Emily’s Hope is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS.
Tax ID Number: 83-3324332