Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Resilience in the face of tragedy: A father’s story of healing after daughter’s and brother’s suicides

Imagine losing not just one, but two loved ones to suicide. This week’s Grieving Out Loud guest, Jim Nelson, has faced these unimaginable tragedies head-on. Jim’s life was forever changed when his brother completed suicide in his early 20s. The pain and devastation were indescribable, but little did Jim know that life had even more sorrow in store for him.

In a devastating twist of fate, Jim’s daughter battled mental health issues for years before succumbing to the same dark struggle. The anguish that Jim experienced is something no parent should ever endure. And yet, amidst this unimaginable grief, Jim has found a way to rise above the darkness. He joins us to share his story, shed light on his journey through the depths of despair, and provide hope to those walking a similar path.

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