Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

From Mexico to Main Street: How Cartels fuel America’s opioid crisis

The phrase “drug cartel” often evokes images of distant violence and illicit trade, chiefly tied to Mexico. But the truth is, the influence of these formidable Mexican drug organizations reaches deep into the heartland of America in ways that might astonish you. A recent year-long operation by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has unearthed stark ties between these cartels and numerous American communities.

At the helm of the Omaha Division, Special Agent in Charge Justin King has pinpointed 26 investigations over the last year that tie back to two primary drug cartels. As the investigation progresses, more links are anticipated. However, with over twenty years on the front lines, King contends that neither sealing the border nor zeroing in on the cartels alone will be enough to halt America’s surging opioid dilemma.

Join us in this installment of Grieving Out Loud, where we delve into the current observations of Agent King amidst America’s most lethal drug crisis to date. Discover his insights on the required shifts in strategy and why America is trapped in this devastating epidemic.