Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

CEO launches passion project to educate others about grief

Grief—it’s a heart-wrenching emotion that most of us will likely have to experience. Often, we’re unprepared for the overwhelming pain and sorrow, and we struggle to know how to support friends who have lost loved ones.

A Sioux Falls, South Dakota, businesswoman has started a passion project to educate others about grief following her mother’s death. Natalie Eisenberg will share her insights on navigating grief, offer dos and don’ts for supporting loved ones dealing with loss, and explore how grief impacts the business world.

Grieving Out Loud has focused on the topic of grief in several other episodes, including “Broken Heart Syndrome: 4 ways we grieve” and “Surviving the holiday season while grieving.”

Natalie Eisenberg and her mother, Bonnie
Natalie and her mother, Bonnie