Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Cancer patient uses his addiction battle to create a potentially life-saving device

Ever feel like you’ve hit a certain age, and your chance to impact the world has passed you by? 

In today’s Grieving Out Loud episode, we’ll introduce you to Neil Jackson, who proves that age is just a number. In his early 60s, Neil faced the devastating news of a rare cancer diagnosis and the slim odds of survival after a risky surgery. But his story doesn’t end there. Neil found himself confronting a new battle – addiction to the very painkillers meant to ease his suffering. 

Now, Neil is turning his pain into purpose, not just by sharing his story but by inventing a device aimed at helping others battling substance use disorder. Please tune in to discover how Neil’s innovation has the potential to change lives and reshape our nation’s devastating drug crisis.

Neil Jackson invented FenBlock, a device that blocks the transdermal flow of fentanyl from a fentanyl patch.