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An Interview with the Interventionist

In this episode, Mary Ann Giebink tells her story of addiction and the turmoil it caused in her life. This once successful attorney eventually ended up in prison. But for nearly a decade, she has worked on her own recovery and is now helping others get into treatment. Giebink is an ARISE* Interventionist. Giebink uses her legal knowledge and personal experience with addiction to conduct interventions with families. To learn more about Mary Ann’s work visit Addiction Solution 605.

“The intervention process is a caring way to help raise someone up from the sinking dark hole of addiction and mental illness. I want to help others turn their lives around, and give them a chance to be drug and alcohol free. The impaired individual needs the intervention process, and help from those around them, to maneuver through all the obstacles that may get in their way.”

– Mary Ann Giebink

Our Guest

Mary Ann Giebink

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