Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Brandon Novak’s Remarkable Story from Worldwide Fame, to Living on the Streets, to Finally Finding Sobriety

Brandon Novak was a world-famous, champion skateboarder. However, he was also in his first treatment center for addiction to heroin at age 17. He went on to co-star in TV and movies in the MTV Jackass and Viva La BAM series. He also went through 13 treatment centers and nearly died several times. His best selling autobiography, Dreamseller: An Addiction Memoir, was published in 2008. But Brandon did not find lasting sobriety until 2015. A new book on his life by Joe Frantz titled, The Streets of Baltimore, is now out. Brandon and Angela Kennecke met at the 2019 DEA 360 Los Angeles Opioid Awareness Youth Summit, where they spoke to 5,000 high school students, telling their individual stories. Brandon is now a Certified Interventionist Professional (CIP) and he now travels the country for Banyan Treatment Center to raise awareness and help get people into treatment. 
You can contact Brandon for help by calling: 610-624-6719.

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