Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Prince’s cousin’s efforts to expose the truth behind the musician’s fentanyl death

Eight years have passed since the world lost Prince, an unparalleled musical force and one of America’s most revered artists. During his life, the creative genius sold over 100 million records, ranking him among the best-selling musical artists ever. However, despite his worldwide fame, the circumstances surrounding his sudden death from fentanyl poisoning remain shrouded in mystery, with no one held accountable for the tragedy.

In an eye-opening interview, Prince’s cousin, Charles “Chazz” Smith, joins Grieving Out Loud host Angela Kennecke to talk about his mission to preserve his loved one’s legacy and search for truth in the icon’s unexpected death.

Join us as Chazz shares intimate stories about growing up alongside the musical genius, witnessing the challenges of fame, and ultimately grappling with his cousin’s passing due to a drug that has now become one of the leading causes of death in America. In this heartfelt conversation, we delve into the personal struggles of an icon and the quest for justice that continues to shape Prince’s narrative eight years after his death.

  • Family picture of when Prince and his cousin, Chazz, were growing up.
  • Prince and his cousin, Chazz