Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Grieving father takes on Purdue Pharma after son dies from OxyContin

As the inspiration behind characters in the award-winning books “Dopesick” and “Raising Lazarus,” Ed Bisch shares his journey of turning personal tragedy into a force for powerful change. Following the heart-wrenching loss of his high school son to an OxyContin overdose early in the opioid epidemic, Bisch took on the daunting task of raising awareness about the dangerous drug. More than that, he confronted the influential pharmaceutical company behind OxyContin’s production and marketing.

In this episode of Grieving Out Loud, dive into the compelling story of an ordinary man on a mission well before the opioid crisis gained widespread attention. Bisch sheds light on the persistent challenges faced by the nation as it grapples with its deadliest drug epidemic to date.

  • Ed Bisch picture at another Rally
  • Ed Bisch's son, Eddie
  • Ed Bisch speaking at the 2023 DOJ Rally
  • Ed Bisch at the 2023 DOJ Rally
  • Ed Bisch protesting