Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

The pill trap: When surgery prescriptions lead to addiction

At first glance, Kate Kerr seemed to have it all—a beautiful apartment, impeccable fashion sense, and was a nurturing mother who ensured her children were well cared for. However, behind this seemingly perfect exterior, a secret lay hidden, unknown even to her closest loved ones. Kate struggled with substance use disorder after a doctor prescribed her painkillers to recover from surgery. Unfortunately, that struggle took a deadly turn that her mother is still trying to piece together.

In this emotional episode of “Grieving Out Loud,” host Angela Kennecke sits down with Kate’s mother, Deborah Zwicker, as she shares her perspective on her daughter’s descent into addiction. Deborah opens up about the shock she experienced, as Kate’s appearance and responsibilities seemed to mask her hidden struggle. With relentless determination, Deborah seeks justice for her daughter’s tragedy and takes active steps toward preventing future tragedies caused by addiction. She wishes the person with her daughter when she overdosed would have immediately called 911 and taken advantage of the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act

  • Deborah Zwicker's daughter Kate with her two children
  • Deborah Zwicker and her daughter Kate
  • Deborah Zwicker's Children