Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

“In a way I was glad I was the one who found him:” Mother on loss of son to fentanyl

Your host, Angela Kennecke, is bringing you conversations she had with different speakers and authors at the Bereaved Parents USA Conference in St. Louis in July. She recorded podcasts with women who have dealt with grief and transformed it into helping others cope. Angela talks to a mother on the loss of her son to fentanyl. Brenda Daly says she was glad she was the one who found him.

The death of Brenda’s son, Kevin’s addiction to painkillers, started after a traumatic brain injury. The loss of Kevin to a pill with fentanyl took Brenda down a new path to study grief and help others in this unfortunate club of bereaved parents.

Next week, Angela will be bringing you her final interview from the national gathering.

Angela Kennecke and Brenda Daly both lost children to fentanyl.