Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

How a SD Hall of Famer overcame trauma and addiction

In this episode of Grieving Out Loud, your host, Angela Kennecke, sits down with South Dakota Hall of Famer, Evelyn Leite, who has overcome incredible adversity in her life. 

Growing up with a father who struggled with alcohol addiction, Leite experienced firsthand the destructive power of substance use disorder. Unfortunately, her struggles didn’t end there – she went on to marry a man who battled addiction and was abusive, and she eventually turned to alcohol herself as a way to cope. However, Leite found the strength to seek help for her addiction and turned her life around.

Today, Leite is an accomplished author with 17 books, some of which draw on her personal experiences and help others dealing with substance use disorder. Her dedication to serving others has earned her a place in the South Dakota Hall of Fame. 

In this episode, we’ll hear her inspiring story of resilience, courage, and hope as she shares the lessons she’s learned along the way.