Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Fur-ever grateful: A mother’s journey through grief with her canine companions

On this episode of Grieving Out Loud, your host, Angela Kennecke, welcomes guest Susan Lynch, a professional, award-winning dog trainer who has always known the importance of our furry friends. However, it wasn’t until her son tragically passed away from a drug overdose that she truly understood just how essential they can be in our lives.

Susan found herself struggling to continue living and feeling judged by others due to the stigma associated with her son’s drug use. However, through it all, her dogs were a constant source of unconditional love and support, never judging her or her grief. Since then, Susan has made it her purpose to share her knowledge and experiences with others. She writes and speaks about complicated grief, the seriousness of our nation’s drug epidemic, staying connected to loved ones who have passed, along with the valuable lessons she’s learned about living and grieving well from her dogs. She’s even written an award-winning book, Life After Kevin: A Mother’s Search for Peace and the Golden Retrievers That Led the Way.

Join us as we hear Susan’s story of how her dogs helped her through the darkest moments of her grief and how she now uses her expertise to help others who are going through similar struggles.

  • Susan Lynch with son Kevin (4) in 1994
  • Susan Lynch and Kevin, Mother’s Day 2009
  • Susan Lynch's son Kevin feeding a hummingbird