Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Revolutionizing the way you think about grief and mourning

Maria Kliavokoff is a former hospice worker who now helps people learn how to grieve healthily. As a grief coach, Maria is trying to revolutionize our thoughts about grief and mourning. Her website, Healthy Mourning, provides grief resources and online grief support to ensure healthy grief and healthy mourning. They are there to support you and help you through your grief journey, teach you how to cope with your grief by reframing it, and they are dedicated to supporting you as you convert your grief to mourning and heal from your grief journey so that you may be free to live your best life.

In 2019 she published her first book, Healthy Mourning, Happy Loving, 52 Ways to Convert Your Grief to Mourning with Ease and Grace. Her next two books, Healthy Mourning in a Grief Pandemic and Healthy Mourning for Womb Twin Survivors, are currently in the works.

On this episode of Grieving Out Loud, Angela and Maria discuss grief, and Maria gives practical advice for anyone coping with loss.