Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

How Grieving, Angry Mothers are Changing the World

Shortly after the death of her daughter, Emily, Angela Kennecke got an email from Fiona Cullinan Firine. Fiona had lost her son Cameron to fentanyl poisoning just a couple of months before Emily died. She was discouraged by the lack of criminal prosecution against the dealer who supplied Cameron with what looked like and Oxycontin pill. Fiona wrote Angela out of frustration and Angela encouraged her to fight for her son and find other parents who had also lost children in this way. It turned out that Connecticut did not recognize fentanyl as a narcotic. After Fiona discovered that, she gathered a group of parents, who had lost children to fentanyl poisoning, and they banned together to change Connecticut’s law. Fiona and her family also started a non-profit called, “For Cameron.” Through their organization they are raising money to educate law enforcement and provide software for detectives to unlock phones. They also have a scholarship for students studying addiction, which was what Cameron was doing before he relapsed and died. Fiona has channeled her grief and anger onto changing the world. 

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