Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Mom dies from fentanyl poisoning on son’s 20th birthday

On the latest episode of Grieving Out Loud, your host, Angela Kennecke, speaks with Julie Baumgard, a mother who lost her daughter Shawna to fentanyl poisoning on a day that was supposed to be a celebration: her own son’s 20th birthday.

Julie shares how her daughter Shawna battled with meth addiction but was in recovery when she tragically made a deadly mistake. She tried to buy a Percocet but unknowingly ingested fentanyl, which caused her death. Julie Baumgard speaks candidly about the pain and heartache of losing a child to fentanyl poisoning and how her family has coped with the loss. She also discusses her efforts to raise awareness about addiction and the dangers of fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that has become increasingly common in drug-related deaths.

Through Julie’s words, we gain a powerful insight into the impact of addiction on families and the urgent need to address the opioid crisis. Her story is a reminder of the importance of reducing stigma, increasing access to treatment, and supporting those struggling with substance use disorders.