Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Rising from sorrow: A mother’s path through a decade of the fentanyl crisis

Over the last ten years, Lauri Badura has been on a determined quest to confront the escalating crisis of fentanyl-related deaths. Despite her unwavering dedication, the shadow of this epidemic continues to grow. Lauri’s path to advocacy was marked by personal tragedy in 2014 when she lost her son, Archie, to an overdose. This loss became the catalyst for her founding Saving Others For Archie (SOFA), a nonprofit dedicated to combating America’s fentanyl crisis—a mission that has taken her to the White House three times to discuss strategies and solutions.

But Lauri’s efforts don’t stop at raising awareness. Understanding the deep well of grief that comes with loss, she also became a certified bereavement companion, aiming to offer solace and support to others in mourning. On today’s episode of Grieving Out Loud, Lauri shares her insights into the grieving process, offering practical tips for those looking to find strength and hope in the midst of sorrow. It’s a conversation about learning to thrive, even when faced with the most heartbreaking of losses.

Archie Badura, 1994-2014