Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

A prescription for danger: The hidden cost of the opioid crisis

In an era where streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu bring the grim realities of America’s opioid crisis to the forefront through compelling narratives and star-studded casts, the painful truth hits home for countless families. Among them is Sandra Martinez, whose daughter Qarinna’s journey began with a seemingly benign prescription for opioids to address a health condition. However, this prescription marked the start of a harrowing descent into substance use disorder, echoing the chilling plotlines of horror films.

Qarinna’s struggle saw her life unravel, leading to homelessness, exploitation, and abuse. In this compelling episode of Grieving Out Loud, Sandra bravely recounts her daughter’s ordeal, shedding light on the overlooked warning signs and sharing essential insights to help other parents navigate similar challenges.

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