Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

‘The Pharmacist’ Dan Schneider gives the backstory on the hit Netflix documentary

Netflix docuseries, The Pharmacist, shows how Dan Schneider solved his son’s murder in the case of a drug deal gone wrong. Schneider was an early identifier of the opioid crisis in this country and pushed for reform. He joins your host, Angela Kennecke, for two episodes of Grieving Out Loud to give us all the twists and turns in the case and how the unbelievable unfolded. 

In this first episode, Schneider shares what happened to his son, how he pushed police to take the case seriously, and even befriended his son’s killer. Schneider talks about forgiveness, and he says a greater purpose drives him to save the lives of other people’s children when he recognized the plight of opioids on young people and the medical system’s role in it.

You can learn more about all of Schneider’s efforts on his website: Tunnel of Hope.

Danny Schneider
Danny at 2 and forever 22
A small-town pharmacist stakes a mission to save his community long before the opioid epidemic gains nationwide attention. Watch The Pharmacist, only on Netflix:

His story is told in the Netflix docuseries “The Pharmacist.” The story is not over; it is still being written as he strives to build a nationwide movement to end the Opioid and Addiction Pandemic that has killed nearly a million since his son died. He calls their mission “The Tunnel of Hope,” as he hopes to bring light to this dark National Tragedy.