Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Life after ‘The Pharmacist’ for Dan Schneider: A new mission

In our last episode, we introduced you to the central character of the Netflix docuseries, The Pharmacist, Dan Schneider. Dan told us he had no idea his son was using crack before he was murdered in New Orleans in the late 90s. While police didn’t show much interest in his son’s case, Dan took it upon himself to use every investigative tool at the time to find his son’s killer.

But the story doesn’t end there. In his role as a pharmacist, Dan was among the first to spot the opioid epidemic in this country and actually do something about it, shutting down pill mill doctors and pushing for a prescription monitoring program in his state. Dan has never stopped pushing for change to save lives lost unnecessarily to drugs. Now he’s turning his attention to the availability of medically assisted treatment, or MAT for short. He has started a coalition and your host Angela Kennecke is now a part of it. 

Dan talks about this partnership with Dr. Arun Gupta. You can listen to our podcast with Dr. Gupta here.