Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Mother who lost 5 children to overdose shares heartbreaking story

Massachusetts mother, Carol Morris, has lost five out of her twelve children to overdose. Her oldest son died in 2000 and she recently lost another son in 2019. Parents who have lost a child can’t imagine surviving the loss of another one. However, in the opioid epidemic it is not all that uncommon for parents to have lost more than one child to overdose. Carol says one of the thing that helps her cope is the Facebook group #NotinVain.
In this podcast she talks about each of the children she has lost: Joey in 2000, Timmothy in 2004, Lauren in 2007, Steven in 2014 and Doug in 2019. She explains her efforts to help them and her frustration that more isn’t being done to end the opioid epidemic. 

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