Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Life-saving scholarship: How Emily’s Hope treatment scholarship gave a woman her life back

A record 112,024 Americans have died in the past year from drugs alone; that’s around 307 people every day. Today’s Grieving Out Loud guest, Natasha Combs, feared she would become a part of that statistic. 

Natasha struggled with substance use disorder after a surgery where she was prescribed painkillers, coupled with the fact that she was battling extreme grief from losing her brother, mother, husband, best friend, and grandma–all within a short period. That’s enough to break anyone, but here’s where Natasha hoped her story would take a turn for the better. She realized she needed help and checked into a treatment facility.

However, she lost her job and insurance a few days after starting treatment. Natasha contemplated leaving the facility, but at the same time, she feared that if she did, she would relapse. That’s when an Emily’s Hope treatment scholarship came into play.

You also have the power to make a real difference and save lives by donating money towards a scholarship. During this episode, see how your donation can transform someone’s life and discover how Natasha’s journey has inspired her to give back and make a real impact.

Natasha and Angela
Natasha and Angela