DEA seizes fentanyl with NFL star Travis Kelce’s name

Drug traffickers are capitalizing on the popularity of NFL star Travis Kelce by branding bags of fentanyl with his name. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) shared a picture of these ominous white bags, complete with a blurry image of a football player. 

Courtesy: DEA

“Drug traffickers will even take advantage of #SBLVIII hype to appeal to new customers,” the DEA wrote on X.

This concerning development, as noted by the DEA on social media, emphasizes how traffickers leverage major events like the Super Bowl to broaden their market. 

The use of Travis Kelce’s image raises eyebrows, given his dual prominence for his Super Bowl LVIII performance and his highly publicized relationship with Taylor Swift. This revelation coincides with the DEA’s collaboration with NFL Alumni Health to raise awareness about the dangers of fentanyl pills.

As the nation grapples with a relentless fentanyl crisis, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention delivers a sobering prediction — an anticipated record number of drug-related deaths in 2023, surpassing 112,000 Americans lost in the latest 12-month period ending August 2023.