DEA warns public about emojis used for drugs

WASHINGTON – Drug dealers often use social media to sell prescription pills laced with deadly amounts of fentanyl, warns the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). To better equip parents, caregivers, and educators with important insight into this alarming trend, the DEA has released a reference guide on how emojis are used to communicate about drugs. Examples include a snowman symbolizing cocaine and a palm tree representing marijuana. Here’s a look at the full reference guide:

Courtesy: DEA

Although the guide provides common examples uncovered by DEA investigators, it’s crucial to recognize that the list is not all-inclusive. The United States is currently experiencing its deadliest drug epidemic in history, with more than 110,000 Americans dying in the past year.

The DEA confiscated more than 79.5 million fentanyl-laced, fake prescription pills and more than 12,000 pounds of fentanyl powder in 2023, which is equal to 376 million deadly doses of fentanyl.