‘Eight Is Enough’ child star Adam Rich died from fentanyl

LOS ANGELES, CA – Adam Rich, the former child actor known for his role as “America’s little brother” in the popular family dramedy, Eight is Enough, died from fentanyl poisoning. According to several news sources, The Los Angeles County Medical-Examiner Coroner’s office recently released its autopsy report, ruling his death accidental.

Rich rose to stardom at a young age, captivating audiences with his portrayal of the son in Eight is Enough. Following his success on the show, he made appearances in other television programs such as Code Red, and Dungeons & Dragons, and notable guest spots on series like Baywatch and The Love Boat. He even reprised his beloved role from Eight is Enough in two TV movie reunions.

Rich faced significant personal challenges, particularly related to substance abuse and run-ins with law enforcement. His encounters with the legal system included an arrest in April 1991 for attempted burglary of a pharmacy and another incident in October of the same year, where he was accused of stealing a syringe filled with medication during a hospital visit for a dislocated shoulder. Additionally, he faced a DUI arrest in 2002 after colliding with a parked California Highway Patrol cruiser in a closed freeway lane.

In the months preceding his passing, Rich openly discussed his struggles with depression and substance abuse. In October, he took to social media, sharing that he had achieved sobriety for seven years despite encountering legal issues, undergoing multiple rehabilitation stints, and experiencing numerous overdoses. His posts carried a message of hope and resilience, encouraging his followers to persist in their own battles.

Upon his death, Rich’s publicist, Danny Deraney, shed light on the actor’s long-standing battle with a form of treatment-resistant depression. Describing Rich as a kind, generous, and humble individual, Deraney underscored the actor’s desire to be remembered for his character rather than his fame.

“He was unselfish and always looked out for those he cared about, which is why many people who grew up with him feel a part of their childhood gone and sad today. He really was America’s Little Brother,” Deraney wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately, Rich is just one of many celebrities to have died from fentanyl. Other notable names include Coolio, Tom Petty, Prince, and Mac Miller, as well as Lil Peep, Michael K. Williams, and Tyler Sanders.