Fentanyl-laced marijuana found in undercover operation in Texas

AUSTIN, Texas – Austin, Texas police discovered fentanyl-laced marijuana during an undercover operation following a deadly opioid overdose outbreak last week. As Emily’s Hope reported, eight people died and more than 50 people overdosed on suspected drugs in around 24 hours in Austin.

Since the outbreak, police have arrested several people, including 32-year-old Kanady Arkangelo Rimijo who police say sold an undercover officer fentanyl-laced crack cocaine and had fentanyl-laced marijuana.

“It is concerning to us not only with marijuana, but all of the substances that are mixed with fentanyl. It’s a concern that all people should have,” Austin Police Lt. Pat Eastlick said.

Eastlick spoke at a press conference on Tuesday, which was streamed on Facebook.

“Fentanyl-laced marijuana is not something we come across frequently, but we have seen it in the past,” Eastlick said.

Police departments across the country, including in Alabama, Illinois, Louisiana, and New York, have also reported cases of fentanyl-laced marijuana.