Narcan rescues poodle from drug overdose

PHILADELPHIA – Toodles, a poodle from Pennsylvania, was recently revived with Narcan after an apparent drug overdose. According to a Facebook post from the Pennsylvania SPCA, the dog was found with a person in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, both of whom were unconscious and unresponsive. Bystanders rushed Toodles to Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital while the Philadelphia Police Department helped the person. At the hospital veterinarians gave Toodles Narcan, which immediately reversed the effects of the overdose and brought the dog back to consciousness. The Pennsylvania SPCA told CNN that Toodles had likely ingested fentanyl, though it’s unclear how the dog came into contact with the drug.

Toodles was transferred to the shelter after receiving treatment and was monitored closely to ensure that the drugs were leaving his system. Fortunately, the poodle made a full recovery.