Pink reveals she almost died from a drug overdose as a teen

During a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” pop superstar Pink revealed that she almost died from a drug overdose when she was a teen, shortly before she scored her first record deal.

Pink, whose legal name is Alecia Moore, described herself as a “punk” as a kid and said she was often the kid parents hesitated to let their own children hang out with.

“I grew up in a house where every day my parents were screaming at each other, throwing things. They hated each other, and then I got into drugs,” Pink told Cecilia Vega.

Pink candidly revealed that her past included not just using drugs but also selling them. She faced a turbulent time, being kicked out of her home and eventually dropping out of school. In a particularly harrowing moment, on Thanksgiving in 1995, she vividly recalls coming dangerously close to a fatal drug overdose at a rave.

“I was on ecstacy, angel dust, crystal – all kinds of things, and then I was out–done,” Pink said.

Pink told Vega that was the last time she used “hard drugs,” and she scored her first record deal with an all-girls R&B group weeks later. She eventually launched a solo career, where she has won more than 100 awards, including three Grammy Awards, seven MTV Video Music Awards and two Brit Awards.

“I realize that the metaphorical machete I always carried that made me a really difficult kid is what makes me really good at what I do today, and it makes me a survivor,” Pink said.