Texas launches new online dashboard to track fentanyl deaths as crisis escalates

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – Fentanyl-related fatalities in Texas surged by 575% from 2019 to 2022, according to a new online tool launched by the state.

Gov. Abbott revealed a data dashboard documenting these grim statistics dating back to 2014. An extension of the “One Pill Kills” campaign and the pre-existing substance use data managed by the state health department, the dashboard delineates fentanyl and other opioid-related deaths by metro area, county, region, and demographic data throughout Texas.

“Fentanyl claims more than five lives daily in Texas, and our state is intensifying efforts to confront the escalating fentanyl crisis afflicting both us and the nation,” stated Abbott in a press release. “We must unite as Texans to increase awareness of this lethal opioid within our families, friends, and communities. The data displayed on this site will empower Texans to spearhead the fight against this fatal drug.”

Based on the state data, there were 317 deaths in 2019, a stark contrast to the 2,161 fentanyl-related deaths reported in 2022.