According to the Sioux Falls Police Department, overdoses involving fentanyl have been rising in Sioux Falls since 2020. As the amount of fentanyl seized in the city increases, so does the number of overdoses. On average, between 15 to 30 people in Sioux Falls die every year from opioid use.

“Our PORT program, which post overdose response team, is basically a follow-up program for people who have survived an overdose in Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties,” said Taryn Sietsema, Director of Programs.

“When someone overdoses and survives that overdose, we are going to be able to reach them in a number of ways. One of the ways will be if law enforcement is called law enforcement is going to give them our literature or contact information, if they’re transported by ambulance. The ambulance also has that Patient Care EMS, and also the emergency rooms have all of our information and can release the patient’s information to us with their permission,” said Angela Kennecke, CEO of Emily’s Hope.