Emily’s Hope Scholarship recipient: ‘I have worked very hard to change my life’

A South Dakota woman who has faced addiction is now using her experience and messaging to help others.

“It was one thing after the other and my life was absolutely falling apart. I lost jobs, my relationships were just falling apart… my life was just.. a mess,” Spanton said.

Norma Spanton of Brandon says she battled alcohol abuse for years, even causing multiple car crashes while under the influence.

“All of this I did while in a blackout,” Spanton said. “I don’t remember any of this.”

She sought treatment at the Avera Addiction Care Center in Sioux Falls and became a recipient of an Emily’s Hope scholarship. She is now approaching two years of sobriety.

“…. I have finally learned to forgive myself for that and… I’ve only been able to forgive myself because I have worked very hard to change my life and also have used that situation to help others,” Spanton said.