Non-Profit Founder/Journalist Angela Kennecke to speak to Gettysburg Students

GETTYSBURG, S.D. — Renowned broadcast journalist and founder of the non-profit organization Emily’s Hope, Angela Kennecke, will deliver a vital message on the growing epidemic of fentanyl poisoning to students in Gettysburg, S.D. on Tuesday, March 7 at 1 p.m.. With record-high rates of overdose and fentanyl-related deaths, Angela will educate students on the dangers of fentanyl in today’s illicit drug supply. As the number one killer of individuals aged 18-45, fentanyl is an imminent threat to public health. Angela’s life-saving message is essential in informing people of the dangers of taking even one illicit pill.

Drawing from her distinguished career as an award-winning anchor and investigative reporter for KELOLAND Media Group, Angela’s mission is to raise awareness about this critical issue. Her life took an unexpected turn when her daughter, Emily, died from fentanyl poisoning at the young age of 21. Emily had no idea that she was taking fentanyl, and Angela was left to grapple with the devastating loss of her beloved daughter. Angela’s unwavering response to this tragedy has been to turn heartbreak into action. She strives to eradicate the stigma surrounding addiction and to advocate for more funding, better treatment options, and more research into understanding this disease that has taken so many lives.

For the past five years, Angela has brought Emily’s story to thousands of students and groups across the country. However, with the current crisis we face, Angela’s message is now more urgent than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Angela Kennecke and learn about the dangers of fentanyl poisoning. Join students and the community at Gettysburg High School on Tuesday, March 7 to hear her compelling message and help spread awareness about this vital issue. To inquire about having Angela speak at your event, click here.

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