Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

#NotInVain, the Facebook Group for Thousands of GrIeving Moms

Thousands of grief-stricken mothers who have lost children in the drug epidemic are finding one another on Facebook. Pj Champion Sallie “accidentally” started a Facebook group for grieving moms called, #NotInVain. Pj lost her 24-year-old daughter Christina Westfall to overdose in 2017. In Christina’s obituary, her mother bravely wrote: “I want to share her story in the hope that lives may be saved and her death will not be in vain.” Pj found a few other moms going through a similar loss and now the #NotInVain Facebook group has nearly 5,000 members. In this podcast Pj and Angela discuss how the goal of the group is to help mothers who’ve lost children to addiction become “warrior moms,” in order to call attention to the crisis and be catalyst for change, making sure the loss of their children’s lives were not in vain.

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