Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

Prison couldn’t do it, but fitness, mindfulness & healthy eating helped turn one man’s life around

The fact that Garrett Sheppard is alive at all is a miracle. Garrett struggles with several mental conditions from anxiety to depression to PTSD and  ADHD. He started using meth at a young age, and pretty soon it didn’t matter what kind of drug he took, he couldn’t live without them. Sheppard has a long list of felonies on his record and tried to complete suicide multiple times.

However, today Garrett has turned his life around by getting psychological help, plus incorporating exercise and a healthy diet. Now he’s reaching out to others who are “hard to love,” which is the name of his program that helps people suffering from substance use disorder, find their way to recovery. 

Sheppard shares his story and how weight lifting and healthy eating have made a huge difference for his brain in this latest edition of Grieving Out Loud.