Arrests made in connection with TikTok Star Cooper Noriega’s fentanyl poisoning death

LOS ANGELES, CA – In the wake of the recent arrests related to the fatal overdose of TikTok influencer Cooper Noriega, his father, Harold Noriega, has issued a statement addressing the developments. This news comes after Harold shared his son’s story and the family’s advocacy work in an episode of the Grieving Out Loud podcast, recorded prior to these arrests.

According to TMX, authorities have apprehended Erick Oved Estrada and Arian Alani, linking them to the drug trafficking operation that allegedly supplied the fentanyl-laced pills leading to Noriega’s overdose. Estrada is accused of running the operation from his Calabasas home, with Alani implicated as the direct provider to Noriega.

Cooper Noriega, a prominent figure on social media, was found dead in a mall parking lot near Los Angeles in June of 2022, with the cause of death identified as an accidental fentanyl overdose.

In a statement shared with Emily’s Hope, Harold Noriega addresses the recent arrests and reflects on the loss of his son. He underscores the family’s commitment to raising awareness about the dangers of illicit drugs and the growing crisis of fentanyl in recreational drug use.

Courtesy: Harold Noreiga

The Grieving Out Loud podcast episode featuring Harold Noriega provides further context to Cooper’s life and the ongoing efforts by his family and friends to combat substance abuse and its stigma. The episode, recorded before these latest developments, offers a poignant look at the personal impacts of drug-related tragedies. The case continues to highlight the urgent issue of drug abuse and the lethal risks associated with fentanyl.