Grieving Out Loud with Angela Kennecke

STRUNG: The movie making a difference

The short film, STRUNG, is picking up plenty of awards at film festivals all over the world. It deals with the tough issue of addiction. 

Lost in the forest of his own mind, the main character, Eric must rely on the survival skills of an enigmatic nine-year-old boy to help him battle vicious withdrawals and self-deprivation to catalyze change within his family’s cycle of addiction.

The filmmakers are currently working to turn STRUNG into a full-length feature film. They’re also committed to using the subject matter to raise awareness on addiction and help those struggling with this disease of the brain. 

On this episode of Grieving Out Loud,  Angela Kennecke is joined by STRUNG co-directors, Joseph Bezenek and Ryan Reid, as well as the lead actor and story creator, Jeromy Darling, who talk about the future of a full-length film and how they’re giving back to help people find recovery.

Learn more about the 4est Films here. 

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